One of pianist and composer Adam Bodine’s most beloved musical enterprises is his trio. Complemented by an expansive rotation of exceptional bassists and drummers,* Bodine’s band is impressively flexible and features stellar musicianship and expressive interplay. Whether acoustic or electric (or both), from traditional to modern (and beyond), Adam’s Trio magnificently integrates a wide variety of sounds and styles into their music.

In addition to an expansive catalog of albums and recordings, which have accumulated much praiseworthy recognition, including worldwide radio play and record sales, it is playing live in front of discernible audiences where the Adam Bodine Trio continues to receive rave reviews and amplify its artistry to spectacular dimensions. Along with showcasing its entertaining bandleader’s eclectic original material, Adam’s trio is also well equipped with and well known for their creative, clever and compelling interpretations of cover tunes that span the decades, including various pop and rock hits, theme songs and jingles. Always fresh and thoughtful with its set lists and song selections, every Adam Bodine Trio gig radiates a fun, spontaneous and playful vibe.

Especially on their home front of the Mile High City, Bodine and his band continue to elevate its craft. One can often hear Adam’s music being spun over the airwaves of Denver’s reputable Jazz89 KUVO, where he has been highlighted multiple times as a featured artist, including several on-air interviews and performances. Also a favorite and frequent performer at Dazzle, one of the world’s premier jazz clubs, Adam and his various groups have put on a multitude of exciting and successful concerts and residencies on its illustrious stages. Another top jazz spot new to the Colorado music scene, Nocturne has hosted many exciting Adam Bodine Trio shows and residencies.

Bodine’s band has also wowed crowds at a growing list of renowned music celebrations across the Rocky Mountain region including multiple years at Denver’s legendary Five Points Jazz Festival, City Park Jazz’s Summer Concert Series, Telluride Jazz Summer Concert Series, Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest, Jazz On 2nd Avenue Festival, Central City Jazz Fest, Fort Collins Jazz Experience Festival, Longmont Jazz Festival, Grand Junction Jazz Festival, Crested Butte Jazz Festival, Colorado Jazz Musicians Festival, SummerFest In The Rockies, as well as dozens of other various community, art, food, beer and wine festivals.

In addition to public performances, Adam and his trio also play a lot of private events. A prime choice for all sorts of occasions, gatherings, functions, parties, receptions and ceremonies, they are routinely requested and come highly recommended by many of Colorado’s top hotels, clubs, event centers, businesses, organizations and talent agencies.


“Fans of Bodine return to his shows not just for his careful blend of jazz with other genres, but to see the barrier between artist and audience knocked to the ground.” — 303 Magazine

“Listening to the Adam Bodine Trio is an audio feast of amalgamated sounds including jazz, classical, soul and pop, all blended seamlessly and performed with enthusiasm. Hearing them in person is a special treat as you never know what’s coming next. The future of the jazz piano trio shines brightly under the guidance of Adam Bodine.” — Arturo Gomez (Music Director, Jazz89 KUVO)

“The Adam Bodine Trio has a sound that is new, fresh and classic all at the same time. Their music is exciting! Just when you think you know where they’re going with a melody, they take it somewhere that makes you say… “Now that is what jazz is all about!”.” — Nicole Sweeney (WBGO NYC, NY ; WCLK Atlanta)


* bassists: Gonzalo Teppa, Jean-Luc Davis, John Grigsby, Hunter Roberts, Patrick McDevitt, Mike Facey, Kalin Capra, Kim Bird, Troy Robey, Gary Sloan, Andrew Rose, Charlie Mertens, Ben Rubin, Braun Khan, Adam Sammakia, Neil Hebbert, Matt Smiley, Patrick Atwater ; drummers: Dru Heller, Kevin Matthews, Alejandro Castaño, BK Kahn, Mark Emmons, Brian Claxton, Ryan Hayden, Ed Breazeale, Luke Emig, Andrew Lacy, Peter Knudson, Josh Moore, Josh Raymer, Jackson Hillmer, Neil Hemphill, Eric Imbrosciano, Johnny Schmidt, Shilo Stroman, Damon Scott; other guests: Andrew Vogt, Tom Gershwin, Greg Harris, Dan Schwindt, Sam Williams, John Gunther, Gabriel Mervine, Jonathan Stewart, Adrienne Short, Kari Clifton, Brett Omara, Joseph Lukasik, Adam Stern, Megan Burtt, Hazel Miller.