No doubt about it, Adam Bodine loves to make music. Whether tearing it up on stage or laying it down in the studio, this multitalented pianist and composer thrives in a variety of roles and realms. A top-call keyboardist across a diverse range of scenes and communities, Adam has racked up thousands of performances with hundreds of groups, playing alongside some of the best in the biz. A creative arranger and diligent, charismatic bandleader in his own right, Bodine has refreshingly open musical sensibilities and an expressive authenticity that especially resonates through his eclectic original instrumental music.

Over the last five years, Adam Bodine has cranked out four fantastic albums: Offscreen Pursuits, Scenes of Changery, Nurtured by Nature, and Opus Reminiscence. Although generally classified under the umbrella of jazz, these recordings flourish beyond the confines of categorization and playfully intermingle a dynamic synergy of genres, styles, and moods. Further enhanced with compelling assortments of instrumentation and world-class musicians, Adam’s original albums radiate a cinematic and whimsical vibe that warms the heart and tickles the imagination.

While Bodine’s blossoming musical output continues to attract listeners and accumulate acclaim and airplay around the globe, the active bandleader has particularly been elevating his craft throughout his home state of Colorado. In addition to he and his music often being heard and hyped on a handful of reputable radio stations across the area, Adam’s live performance résumé continues to expand and feature an impressive collection of venerable venues, festivals, and renowned concert appearances alike. Undeniable is Bodine’s natural musicality and his joy of playing, which paired with his playful sense of humor, always shines on stage and treats audiences to unique and memorable experiences.